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Life Changing Experience at NYC Rehab Centers

NYC Rehab Centers saved my life, I needed to stop drinking and I did it. It's been almost two years now and every thing is great. The 12 step based program was very helpful and the one on one counseling changed my life. Thank you !! I highly recommend this place.
— Spencer, Houston Sep 30, 2011

NYC Rehab Centers..
A Superb One
Superb! Awesome service! Low fee, have best treatment to recover life from drugs. I will urge other people to go there. Thank you NYC Rehab Centers!!!
— Alafia, New York, Dec 28, 2011
Very Thankful to NYC Rehab Centers

The NYC Rehab Centers truly gave me a strong foundation to help me live a sober life. For that I can't thank the staff and counselors enough for all the help they have done for me.
— Alethia, New York, Feb 10, 2012
NYC Rehab Centers,
your truly the best
I've been addicted to cocaine my entire adult life. It was hard to avoid, because it was everywhere where I lived. Parties, social events, you name it. Until I went to your detoxification clinic I had no clue how bad it was. Without the help of my "new" friends, at this place, I don't know where I would be.
— Chris, New York May 11, 2012
NYC Rehab Center...
You're Amazing!!!
What an amazingly wonderful rehab program! We had seen other programs, and there is no question about the quality of the treatment program being run in nyc rehab center. Thanks to the staff and counselors for a life changing experience.
— Demetrius, Houston, Oct 4, 2011
NYC Rehab Centers is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.
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There is a rainbow after addiction
Family Always comes together
NYC Rehab Centers Offer Alcohol Rehab

Did you know that many NYC rehab centers offer alcohol rehab? You are going to find that a number of those facilities are world class locations that are able to provide you the best service that you could ever imagine. When it comes to alcohol rehab, you need the help of someone who is really experienced and committed. And the individuals working in these facilities really know what they are doing. They really try hard to see you succeed in your attempt to kick the habit and drain the well dry. You want to stay dry.

The good news is that alcohol rehab isn’t that hard when you have the right kinds of help. When you have people who have been there before, or people who really care about getting you off of drugs, then alcohol rehab can be easier than you imagined. Sometimes it will take a lot of energy, and other times it will be like a miracle. But no matter how easy it goes for you, you have to stay focused on it for the rest of your life. You can’t just go to a six week program and then be free.

NYC Rehab Centers are renowned for alcohol rehab

There are a lot of reasons that people need alcohol rehab in NYC. But one of those reasons is the high homeless rate. There are a lot of facilities that will provide the homeless with treatment if they can get a grant. And this often means that alcohol treatment can be affordable. You can get a grant if you are in the area. But you will still have to pay some out of pocket expenses. This is something that you shouldn’t forget. You want to make sure you can pay the costs.

Many people think that the alcohol rehab they receive is going to be some formula that everyone goes through. But the reality is that everyone has a unique need and a unique alcohol rehab approach. The good people providing your treatment at a facility in NYC are going to help you figure out what will work best for you. And that means you will get something that is more likely to work. The good news is that relapse is less likely to occur when your program was fine tuned for your addiction and personality.

The NYC Rehab Centers providing alcohol rehab care about you

You are going to be able to rest easy, knowing that the centers that provide alcohol rehab in NYC are there for you. These places often give you a lot of help, even long after you complete the program. They have treatment help lines and other facilities that are designed to help keep you clean. You can rest easy knowing that there is someone there to talk to if you really need the help. And that is a good thing. You can always feel the need to drink again, and alcohol rehab is always there to help.

When you have an addiction, Seek Help

Should You Seek Drug Rehab From NYC Rehab Centers?



If you are looking for drug rehab from NYC rehab centers, then you are in luck. There are plenty of people who receive and successfully complete their drug rehab every year from facilities in the city. That is because they have some of the best drug rehab that you could think of. If you are looking for a good chance to beat your addiction and get clean, then you know exactly where to go. There are few people that could argue with the effectiveness of the treatment provided in the city.

Why is drug rehab so successful in NYC? The truth is that the city provides some of the best rehab because they take the responsibility seriously. When you have that many people living in your city, and so many drugs flying around, you really need to be concerned about getting people clean as quickly as you can. And if you are going to get people back on their feet you are going to need to have a program that really works. And in New York, they make sure that their programs work. So just what is so special about their programs?

The drug rehab in NYC Rehab Centers is special

The drug rehab that most people will receive is going to be tailored to their needs. You don’t have to worry that you are going to get some watered down approach that was designed to work for everyone. Instead, you can be sure that when you start your drug rehab, you are going to be getting a treatment that was well thought out based on your personality and addiction. This is one of the best things that you can ever hear when it comes to rehab.

You can trust that drug rehab is going to be difficult. If you have a physical dependency, you are going to need to go through detox. And you will have to go through detox if you are in a NYC rehab. The truth is that, without detox, most drugs can never be overcome. Once you build up a dependency and become addicted, drug rehab is very difficult. Detox helps to get you off of your reliance on the substance for basic brain functioning. With the right help, rehab becomes easy. You need to be able to focus on the mental healing that is important with rehab.

Drug rehab from NYC Rehab Centers just works

You can be sure that when you get your drug rehab in New York that you are going to be able to get back to health in no time. Within a few weeks most people are ready to return to their normal lives. And the relapse rates are just impossible to believe. They are close to zero. That is something that you want to consider when choosing your rehab center. Taking a trip to new York to get clean from drugs is a good thing. The options for drug rehab are numerous

Relationships stick together
NYC Rehab Centers can help you detox

Did you know that NYC Rehab Centers can help you detox? It’s one of the most important things you can do on your path to recovery. If you are hoping to improve your chances to successfully complete your rehab program, then going through a process for detox will help you significantly. Many drugs cause physical changes in the body and brain to take place. The most important thing you can do to overcome these changes is to go through a program to get your body back on track. As a matter of fact, it can be impossible to rehab without detox.

What most people will find about detox is that it is a very difficult process. There are some substances that can help, particularly if you are addicted to opiates. That’s what you will find in a methadone clinic. But if you aren’t willing to give it a try, then you are going to have a very tough time completing detox. What most people don’t realize about the process is that there’s not a lot that you can do to avoid it. Having a professional facility help you with the process is the easiest way to do it.

NYC Rehab Centers offer detox that can help you stay alive

You see, many people don’t realize that you can die without detox. If you were to experience a serious withdrawal, you might find yourself on the brink of death, especially if you suffer from alcoholism. Most people don’t realize just how serious it is to complete the detox process. But you are going to find success if you work with a rehab center that excels at it. And that’s why you should be looking at centers in New York. There are plenty of other good reasons, though, too.

What can NYC Rehab Centers offer besides detox?

Besides detox, there are many things that you will find their facilities can do extremely well. One of the things that many people love about going to New York is that they gain access to the advanced facilities that serve such a vast population. Without experienced detox assistance, you could find it very tough to complete your program at all. But did you know that the 12 step program is an equally effective way to complete your program?

What most people never realize is that rehab is a lifelong process. When you complete your rehab, you will need to keep working at it. Detox is just the first of many steps. With the 12 step program, you will gain the tools you need to continue your rehabilitation process, guaranteeing your success. If you are looking to become a mentor for someone else who is suffering through rehab, completing the 12 step program is the best way to do it. And when you do you will remember what it was like to be addicted, and that will help you stay focused on staying clean. Detox can really help you.

True recovery happens if you try

The New Direction was founded in 1977 by Matt and Margaret Batson under the premise that people who make a commitment to A.A. tend to stay sober. Since the doors of the Catskill Mountain farmhouse opened to recovering alcoholics in 1977, The New Direction has remained committed to the same philosophy for helping alcoholics under the twelve-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The New Direction provides alcoholics and individuals addicted to other drugs with a successful start on the twelve-step road of recovery.

The 21 day program includes nightly A.A. meetings, as well as in-house group sessions that are conducted both in the morning and the afternoon by staff counselors. Guests at The New Direction are required to attend the nightly A.A. Meetings and upon completion of the program they are all provided with the name and telephone number of an Alcoholics Anonymous member in their home town that they may use as a contact. Guests at The New Direction are also afforded many opportunities for individual counseling sessions throughout their stay.

The New Direction encourages family visits on Saturdays. Doors are open every Saturday from 10 a.m. Until 4 p.m. Special family seminars are offered for family members beginning at noon on Satruday. These seminars include explanations of the disease concept of alcoholism and introduction to the Al-Anon Family program which is a very beneficial program designed specifically for the families of those who are in an Alcoholics Anonymous twelve-step program.

The New Direction provides support and vigorous treatment that is focused on the Twelve Step recovery program as created by Alcoholics Anonymous in the early 1930s. The supportive and caring environment is nestled in Catskill Mountain valley on 200 acres of rolling meadows. The New Direction farmhouse is situated in a picturesque area that includes trout streams, a spring-fed pond, and a country style red barn where group meetings and activities are held.

Under the guidance of the twelve-step recovery program, The New Direction has helped hundreds of alcoholics overcome the disease and successfully recover from alcoholism. The 21 day program offered at The New Direction builds a foundation for those who suffer from alcoholism to build upon based on client needs and the twelve-step recovery process. The highly structured, educational program at The New Direction is available to alcoholics at affordable rates on a private pay basis. The fee structure is based on twenty-one days of treatment which can be extended in 7 day increments.

We will help when you nned us
Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is the dependence on a mood-altering substance. Such substances can be illegal, like cocaine or heroin, or legal, like prescription painkillers. Millions of Americans suffer from drug addiction of some sort, leaving their families struck by grief, completely in denial, or maybe somewhere in the middle.

Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

There are many different kinds of drugs with many different warning signs, but here are some general warning signs of drug addiction:

  • Mood swings and sudden changes in behavior or sleeping patterns
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities and even personal grooming
  • Withdrawal from friends and family members
  • Red eyes and/or pale skin

Parents should always aware of what their kids are doing and with whom they associate. Open up a continuous dialogue and watch for any changes in behavior that could suggest a drug or alcohol problem. Spouses should be aware of how their partner spends his or her time. If they spend an odd amount of time online, at the bar or doing things you don’t know about, there may be a hidden addiction. Adults should be active in their parents’ lives and watch for excessive loneliness or depression, trouble hanging onto money, or change in behavior. And even co-workers should notice if someone at work is struggling with substance abuse by a sudden decline in performance or isolation.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Many individuals use drugs and alcohol to mask underlying issues. American Addiction Centers specializes in treating drug addiction that is co-occurring with behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, trauma and more. Patients begin to heal these root causes with the guidance and support of our outstanding staff.

Upon entering treatment, patients undergo clinical assessments to define where they are in the addiction process. Medical, psychological and substance abuse histories are also evaluated to develop an individualized program aimed towards long-term recovery.

Throughout treatment, patients participate in appropriate combinations of behavioral health groups, family and individual therapy, and relapse prevention sessions. Using evidence-based modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and more, behavioral health counseling helps patients understand how their addition manifested – and how to manifest healthier and happier lives.

Call us today at 1-877-586-7132

We are here to help


Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Is treatment really necessary?


Our experience shows that drug and alcohol detox alone is not enough.  We want to help you to conquer your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all and start you on the road to solid recovery.


Research has shown that the longer someone spends in a drug and alcohol treatment program the more likely they are to achieve lasting recovery. If long-term recovery is your ultimate goal, then drug or alcohol detox is the first step in your walk toward a clean life. Once your body has finished detoxing, the treatment process can begin.


Your Recovery Journey.

Imagine living a healthy life free from the drive to use drugs or drink. Your self-esteem is restored, your relationships improve and you experience joy and hope once again.


Just imagine how it will feel to have control over your own life again. Successful drug and alcohol treatment is built on discovering yourself once again.


Once you understand addiction and your personal patterns you can move toward health and freedom.


With the help and support of a caring staff of physicians and counselors you will be given the tools to create a brand-new life for yourself.


Call now 855-828-2918

We offer a full range drug and alcohol treatment options.


OxyContin is a brand name for Oxycodone, a drug used in traditional medicine as an analgesic (painkiller).


The drug is derived from thebaine, and thebaine is derived from opium. OxyContin is mostly prescribed in medicine for moderate to severe pain relief. Oxycodone is a Schedule II controlled substance in the United States for its “high potential for abuse.”


Recreational use of the drug began in the 1990s in the United States. OxyContin is abused due to several factors including the euphoria and other side effects of the drug, the rapid release of the drug when snorted, and the larger amount of oxycodone in OxyContin compared to other brands.


 Oyxcontin has become illicitly available due to people who are on prescriptions of OxyContin selling their OxyContin pills to drug dealers or others.


OxyContin has the potential for severe psychological and physical dependence. The drug has a very severe withdrawal, especially when it is stopped abruptly. OxyContin addiction can be treated and medical reversed at drug rehab centers that are specialized at treating opiate addictions. Cases of OxyContin addiction often require long term rehabilitation and detoxification under medical supervision and the assistance of addiction specialists.

Destiny is your to make

My Destiny
The night is cold and still.
I make my way towards the top of the hill,
I run past every animal and tree.
Knowing that this is my destiny.
The clearing of the forest is near.
The moment I have been waiting for is here.
My speed declines as my destination is now in sight.
I could not help but embrace the flawless night.
Others have arrived as well,
Identical to me as far as I can tell.
Anticipation builds up inside of me,
It is time to feel free.
I look up at the marvelous night sky.
I see the moon come out and I throw my head up high.
All together we make a sound,
It is like no other howl and heard all around.
This is the moment symbolizing who we are,
Calling out to the full moon and its every star.
It is my unrestricted life to its highest degree.
It is in my blood to be the wolf, I am born to be.


Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

There are two days in every week
about which we should not worry,
Two days which should be kept free of fear and apprehension.

One of these days is YESTERDAY,
With its mistakes and cares,
Its faults and blunders,
Its aches and pains.

YESTERDAY has passed forever beyond our control.

All the money in the world cannot bring back


We cannot undo a single act we performed;
We cannot erase a single word we said.
YESTERDAY is gone.

The other day we should not worry about is TOMORROW

 With its possible adversities, its burdens, its larger promise.
TOMORROW is also beyond our immediate control.

TOMORROW, the sun will rise,
Either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds,
But it will rise.

 Until it does, we have no stake in TOMORROW
For it is as yet unborn.

This leaves only one day – TODAY.

 Any man can fight the battles of just one day.
It is only when you and I add the burdens of those two awful eternities

 That we break down.

It is not the experience of TODAY that drives men mad.

 It is remorse or bitterness for something which happened YESTERDAY

 And the dread of what TOMORROW may bring.

Let us, therefore, live but ONE day at a time......


Addiction can turn a perfectly healthy individual into a complete mess. There are many things that one can become addicted to. The common denominator is that it can ruin your life. Whether it be gambling, drugs, or some other kind of substance abuse, your life can quickly spin out of control if you aren't careful. There are some people that are born with an addictive personality. They may try a drug one time and it can ruin their lives forever. Others experiment with all sorts of lifestyle choices and nothing seems to stick to them. When it comes to addiction, there is nothing fair about it.

Source: Addiction Poems - Poems about Addiction http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/sad/addiction-poems.asp#ixzz2ou1FkzSM
Family Friend Poems

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Community Lessons Empower Addiction Recovery
Overcoming an addiction to alcohol can be a long and bumpy road. At times, it may even feel impossible. But it's not. Help is here now!
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